About us

Cocobean Chocolate was a dream that unfolded slowly like a butterfly from her chrysalis.

The Launceston chocolate boutique was founded in 2008 by Rick and Theresa Streefland who carried on in the tradition of the Swiss Chocolatier before them.

Theresa – mum and connoisseur of all things quality – was itching to put her passion for food into good use, after raising three children.

She danced into the job and engaged her creative bent, forming a brand that has come to represent quality, panache and integrity.

The Cocobean range was at first handmade in the shop’s upstairs kitchen on George Street.  Because of demand for the product, however, Cocobean quickly outgrew the upstairs facility and now all the delicious delicacies are produced in a custom-built kitchen in Kings Meadows.  Theresa uses only the finest ingredients for her gourmet chocolates and the business philosophy is `small batch’ married with old-world techniques. She sources couverture from the best producers globally and will only use companies with strong credentials for supporting the local community and environment.

The recipes are Swiss secrets, the techniques handed down from the school of chocolatiers that existed long before coloured wrappers and sickly sweet chocolate bars.

Cocobean couverture is sourced from Swiss company Felchlin.

The European chocolate firm has an outstanding reputation for supporting those involved in the chain of cocoa production. Its cocoa beans originate from Venezuela, Bolivia, Madagascar, Ecuador, Java, The Dominican Republic, Ghana and Grenada.

Felchlin upholds a commitment to sustainability by dealing direct with co-operatives and plantation owners and awarding high quality crops with prices about 50% higher than the market price, much higher than the 7% that is standard for Max Havelaar Fair Trade.

Visit http://www.felchlin.com for more information.