Our Team

Many pairs of hands contribute to the Cocobean product

Theresa Streefland


Theresa brings the heart to Cocobean Chocolate, with her effervescent smile and passion for food. Her dream to run a boutique chocolate shop was born from a love of quality - not quantity.

Trained under the expert eye of Beatrice and Paul Haflinger, who operated the Swiss Chocolatier in the same premises for many years, Theresa is a marriage of innovation and traditional know-how.

Her philosophy is to provide a rounded experience: the atmosphere, the friendly service, the chocolate education and, of course, the flavour.

"I love it when I see people not happy to settle for mass-produced products, when they want only the best. The bonus is when I can see them enjoying the moment."

The Cocobean crew

Cocobean employs up to six casual staff at a time.

A set of distinct values underpins the day-to-day movements of staff: praise, passion, generosity, hospitality, joyfulness, honesty and character.

Staff members are encouraged to take the initiative to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated.

Felchlin Switzerland

Couverture suppliers

Felchlin couverture upholds the Cocobean vision of both quality and integrity. The company's mission statement sums it up:

"Felchlin requirements as far as raw material quality is concerned are far higher than the food laws stipulate:

  • Our noble grade cocoa beans "Criollo" and " Trinitario" of Grand Cru quality originate from Venezuela, Bolivia, Madagascar, Ecuador, Java, the Dominican Republic and Grenada.
  • Our selected cocoa beans "Forastero" of extra fine quality originate from Ghana.
  • Cocoa butter of first pressing, Pure Prime Pressing - no additional vegetable fat has been added.
  • Natural pure soy lecithin certified GMO free.
  • Only authentic and natural Bourbon vanilla with the mark of origin Mananare, Madagascar.
  • Cream and milk products are exclusively of Swiss origin.

To ensure Felchlin couvertures' quality production takes place in our own manufacturing facilities in Schwyz, from roasting the selected beans to the traditional and careful refining.

Felchlin's aim for high quality beans with reference to sustainability is to be in constant and direct contact with co-operatives and plantation owners to support sound agricultural and environmental practices as well as to contribute to farmer's healthier living conditions and higher educational standards."

Cacao farmers

Cocobean knows the origin of each of the beans used for the different couvertures.

Why not ask the friendly staff about the origin of your favourite chocolate? The Felchlin chocolate firm Cocobean sources from is all about sustainability in agriculture (without pesticides or fertilisers) and giving cacao farmers a fair go. It removes itself from any kind of exploitation, especially children.

So in buying Cocobean chocolate, you are helping cacao farmers lead a happier life!